Sunday, December 28, 2008

Sorry haven't posted in a while.

Because I was saving up for thisss!!!

LOL not really but yeah.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

So relieved..

From work, but a shat load of HW so off to school. Hit me up.

I'll be off now!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Quick meal before work...

Quick meal me and Jerms Chopped up today.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Nat Sherman?

New Found Friend Eugene Let me cop one of these, pretty interesting Mint flavor. Filters have sands from New York according to Mr. Toya.

Location: Posting at Tea Bar.

Black Friday

Black Friday at Fry's in Fountain Valley. Cakes GALORE!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Good times At CSUF/ Brea

Look at this little guy! I was taking a piss and looked over into the tub, and started chuckling hahah

So I played beer pong and got my ass kicked, my partner was hella lightweight so I killed all of his.
Ain't no thing though.

Matt Gram takes the shot.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Monday, November 17, 2008

picture of the day

Miss these days, piss break at balcony.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

picture of the day

Random Funny Morning at Yosh 4am.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Cracking that VTAK

Cracking that vtec real nasty, And ripping that E

Thursday, November 13, 2008

picture of the day

Happy Bday Jameson Dinner at the bay. lol look at this tough guy. Finally bought my own hookah bong and shizz hit me up to chillax.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

picture of the day

random day at the junkyard, hungover with karl after a halloween party, so we decide to get taco's and they were very good, Cleanest junkyard i've ever seen in anahiem

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Doing work.

Yeah so raised my car and got it aligned the other day. Need adjustable toe arms, I pulled out most of my camber, can't wait to see how much more it smokes, the wheels are easier to be flusher too, kinda being whatever with my car putting stuff off to the side.. I've been looking at beat cars all day yesterday Philstar got me into the beat look again, so I might just keep it for a while..Damn Phil! Still need to get some tickets signed off. I finally got around to painting my R/c body actually found some time after work at tako's pad its gunmetal like my old levin if you were wondering.. It looks pretty tight laid out, one of my favorite cars of all time. can't wait, but yeah going to hold off for a bit, since of upcoming events. Like halloween everybody have fun and be safe! And my last midterm... My teacher I have a feeling shes really out to get me, but i'm going to show her whats up, and what I could do. Might even pull an all nighter, wish me luck!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

sighs are for today.

yeah I haven't updated this in a while. Already knocked out two mid-terms so i'm somewhat relieved, I still have philsophy mid-term next thurs, Still have some time, so I'm going to take advantage. I should start looking for a new job, to pay off some little debt I have, so I might not be drifting for a while... I know sad right? What an expensive hobby, I have. Oh well its worth it. I kinda miss having free time every now and then.. but thats college life for you. Sometimes I want to hold off drifting. but its like a drug to me. Something that I've been into for the longest time. I don't know if i'll feel the same after a long break like that. Just even little breaks from it kills me. Theres no explaination of the passion I have for it. More then words, well thats my 2 cents for today, and i'll leave it at that.

Monday, October 20, 2008

More shit. More fun, More chaos.

yeah pretty much self explainatory. Certain people(s) like Franz and Karl made my weekend.

Buy it, use it, break it, fix it,
Trash it, change it, mail - upgrade it.

crashed...somewhere...into something...parked it at karl's, chilled in the area all weekend kicked back a little, and fixed that shit.

Lets just say a 25ish mph turn, I decided to try it doing everything earlier at 45 mph haha. 1st gear drifts got boring. madd oversteered, tires wouldn't catch grip, exactly how I crashed last time, I really need to get in a good habit of buying new tires. now. or pull out some camber. bent the Front LCA, and tension rod, Bent the rear toe arm, need aero now. but hold off because I have a bad case of myfundsarelow. in that I mean real low. lol.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

ERR bad news bears.

Guess what? October just isn't my month. So I was on the way to school early tues morning. I was exiting calpoly exit. and I see to CHP there chilling already have somebody pulled over. There was a lady and front of me and he was telling both of us to go. And he just straight up walked in front of me and told me to stop, I was going about 10mph. So i'm like wtf. whats this guys problem. and he tells me to pull back. So I do of course, I'm relaxed since i'm almost done with my stog. I ask him if i could throw it out, he said no that would be littering, and that shows Don't deal with cops good when i'm relaxed. so I put it out in my coin holder. and wait, I told him i'm running a little late for class just to break the ice a little. So they take their sweet as time. So that being so I already knew they would be a dick, they tried to get me for my exhaust, asked me to rev the car to 3,000 hold it there and let off, I'm suprised it didn't shoot fire that time, thank baby jesus, but I outsmarted him out of that ticket.. Of course normal routine pop your hood, yadda yadda yadda, It looks stock to me. blah. So I got away that day with just a "TOO LOW" ticket. legal height is 22" my car is at 19" and he measured from the top like an idiot. its Supposed to be the middle of the headlight. Even I know that, So i'll be raising my car soon for a day or so. So I boost away in the tunnel, and pop a fireball at them. And then today weds, on my way to metal coaters for a big delivery, I see a truck cop think nothing of it because their usually all chumps. So i'm driving speed limit as hes racing to catch up to me. I pull over before he does, because I already know why hes speeding up. I tell him i'm on a delivery could you fuck off. (Nah thats what i was thinking.) but in a polite way. So I do everything he tells me to pop the hood, looks stock but whats that filter, so I sit there for like 5 mins explaining to him how much old cars need new filters because their POS's he doesn't really buy it so I close up and he tells me to get in the car. Again another cop takes his sweet ass time. I tell him I already got reffed he asks for the certicicate, but I told him Its at my house. So he asks more and more questions, and finally he does his paperwork, shows my shit is clean I haven't done anything, but still gives me a ref and says if it passed fine, it'll pass again fine. He sees my other ticket and asks about it, and I tell him just another thing to do. Thanks for making my schelude even busier. Asshole. So this cop got me for "modified exhaust", and "Smog equipment modification", I'll have to sit on this for a while, trying not to think about it and turn the other cheek until I get back to work, and they brought chinese food. And my fortune cookie says "In life, it's good not to get too confortable."
I face palm real quick and catch a stog. Just when I was getting comfortable with my sr I feel the chocolate rain. Oh well the wheels keep spinning and life goes on. I know i'll find a way out of this. I love the car and I hate it at the same time.


Wednesday, October 8, 2008

626 drift oct4-5

So spent the night at the track again, was really chill really nice and cool on saturday, clouds were hovering us all day and I wanted it to just rain already, I felt like poking one of the clouds so It could burst all the rain out hahah. Ran out of most of my tires on saturday, pretty much drifted on my drive home tires on sunday. keke First event that I actually tandemed, made me feel good til this day. Well yeah heres some pics, enjoy. No problems what soever, slight binding at full lock but who doesn't get that?!? LOL. Oh yeah and I forgot to adjust my dampening all saturday it was on my daily settings, haha so when it came time for sunday, I cranked it up and started pouring alot more smoke and whipping it way harder and faster.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Just another day at school...

Just Another boring day in english class our teacher is pretty sick and she just pretty much gave us busy work and fell Thats her in the way back with the white hair, Girl in the middle I think is a cake, and Jake and Bruno are sitting right next to me. I don't think i'm going to be doing the busy work because I could probably do it in 30 mins at home hahah. I have a Japanese vocab test coming up (which I think is far more important then busy work) and thats the pink paper you see in front of me. Of course I would have my hourly refreshments hahah. That reminds me that I gotta start applying for UC's or CSU's I have no clue which one to sign up to. I kinda wanna go to Irvine but it seems kinda over hyped. We'll see what the future has to hold for me. I'm on the Nooto Computaa (notebook computer) lol. Short and simple today. And why is it so hot today?

Monday, September 29, 2008

Quick weekend Highlights

So yeah Friday went to UCR with some friends for the block party I wanted to see, The roots, came kinda late, Lagged it so we ended up watching Eagle Eye. Really suspensful movie, I wanted to embark an adventure afterwards, really good actors, and went kinda soft at the end... LOL.

Saturday I pretty much chilled out.. with some friends had some laughs.

Sunday went to a meet a superior nissan off of gale, pretty cool met with some people met a few people again, and then some new people. Then went to see my friends Jermz, Robby, and Ryan..get down at the kart track, Very cool track first drift event at this track so I wanted to scope it out for myself. I'm tottally down for this track next event they have. Did a quick Track layout for those of you that are interested in trying it in the near future. Really exciting to watch, must be even funner to actually drive on it, Definately not low car friendly hahah, unless you got some skills behind the wheel. Its somewhat narrow, but seriously the excitement is really what I live for. The layouts resemble videos I have seen in Japan, seems really interesting to drive, and actually gives a fun event no matter how much power you have. Some pretty talented drivers out there, and hope to see them in the near future.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

LATER that night.....

I met up with the chino hills boys! At montclair plaza for a little quick snap session/chill sesh. Security guard was pretty cool/weird, but aren't we all weird in a way? haha. Jameson was taking photos, I pretty much showed up when the battery died...But I still showed up Right? Well yeah heres a pic.

They pretty much called it a night early for me! hahah pussies. So I called up Pf and hung out with the wes~co gang, and guess where? yeah thats right. And chilled up until 3am ish and headed over to marcs because I suggested brawl time. Since Games have been a form of relaxation lately, with school and work and all. Come to mention it blogging is pretty relaxing too hahah. I pretty much got home an hour or so anywho. And thus comes more pics from one of our spots. Welcome to my life, on the weekends theres no such thing as sleep. My three fav angles from Marc's Mspace. thanks alot pal! Imagine my car with Vinyl! nahhh i'm not down. It would be nice though! But I'm probably gonna go back into that stock look since I daily this on a Daily Grind. Man it's becoming like Levin, but I'm not even Trying at all. Sad Isn't it?!?

Tokyoooo Poooliccce club!

So another friday night and I decided to watch me some TPC at the glasshouse, with a couple of friends, but before then of course there was a few bands playing we showed a little before TPC started playing. First pic was the Whigs pretty new band they were pretty decent, I'd listen around for them in the future. The main guitarist snapped his string towards the end, was pretty rad. But yeah when TPC was setting up they were pretty legit, Not to long ago this band was pretty garage type. So I was amazed what kind of light show they had, and how serious their performance truly was...Certain songs gave me the chills I loved it! hahah. But yeah it was an eventful night so I'm probably gonna write two blogs for this night. Afterwards we hit up "mixbowl" haven't been their in ages and it still tastes the same. loll.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Flying into your town.

haha I thought i'd never see the day when I put a Gt wing on one of my cars. I always wasn't a fan of them, but curiousity killed the cat? hahah my car is still awaiting paint, but yeah heres how its pretty much seen on the streets nowadays. I always thought a wing wouldn't really do anything. It turns out they really actually do, I took the kyles on a ride to McDonalds and gave my car a little mini-shakedown..can't really tell you where! The streets is watching!! keke. The rear just kept sliding out and I actually maintained a long high speed one! at full lock. it actually feels pretty sturdy on the freeway too. My rear doesn't really feel loose at all! So yeah we'll see how long I could run this before I start dealing with some of my friends...AKA (local police department) My car is dying for a roofwing btw.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Wah a tat?

So this picture has got me thinking! hahah a friend of ours needed people to model for his shirts, and he decided to add a tattoo to the picture..looks pretty G doesn't it? haha I've always been a fan of body art. Maybe one of these days i'll look into it. It probably wouldn't hurt if I dropped a few pounds too while i'm at it.

Ah yes blogs. Don't we love them?

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Back in the day

ahh the smell of tires being burn, Oil being burned, Tires in my car... All of this makes it seem so unreal. I went to a 626 drift event, just to test out a few things with my car. To my surpise my motor felt really good and its ready No problems what so ever... Problem is I'm just not ready and I still have a few rubbing/binding issues. I didn't go all out but the car is ready for a beatin, I probably went 30% when I could go 110%. Kyle said I had a pretty smooth run so I'm glad I did at least I did that much. First run and my tires are already dead. So I had to conserve my drive home tires. I'm trying to imagine if I went all out, my tires probably would have popped and my tie rods probably would have broke on me. I sometimes Miss the corolla life, for its cheap goodness. I literally could use a set of brand new tires for 3 events. haha. This suby at the event Fully sponsored made me realize how tight it is to be a huge driver like that. But I feel like I'm not even nearly close to his level. Maybe someday. I saw Yoshi at the track too he was at the subyfest thing. With one of his JDM photographer guys. Said my hello's to him and mentioned that there was drifting up at balcony if he wanted to come. In which he did with that awesome suby driver. His s2k looks really clean now, its all one color!!! Sky's cressida nearly blew up.. rough times. But yeah drive home was ok I still had energy, when everybody was dead tired.. Came home to my computer it was being gay to me so I just said FUG IT and knocked out haah. shitty expensive hobby! I need to make more money somehow.... Til next time!!! I'm glad my car came home in one piece and I know what I need to do to it. I feel it..its almost to that point of awesomeness. Those few runs made miss going to the track every month. Now my head is back to school lol I don't even want to think of my car thats probably why I was only at 30% ahaha. I feel like a nerd when I say this but I can't wait for tues hahaha. accounting club is pretty just keeps getting more and more interesting in general!!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

UGHH the sun is in the AIR.

Just got off work, UGGH pretty bored but I don't want to drive anywhere cuz I drive to much. I need to pick up another beater, perferrably a hatch I've been staring at a few pictures for the past few minutes and its making me sad since I haven't even tried my sr on the track yet....xD

First pic always gets me, I have yet to do a rain event. Something i'll have to look into when winter comes around. Yeah.... japan is nice.

Oh yeah random rant/ since I happen to be on the road quiet often. People in trucks drive like jackasses. Wonder if theres a reason?

Probably gonna hit the text books in a few.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Ain't no way to explain or say

Car needs some dish in its life.

Fuck I want these wheels so bad. I hope nobody swoops within these next few weeks
check the specs 17x8+9 17x9+8 5x114.3 not to bad right? I need monies!

Anyways...summary of my last few nights
Chilled at duff's house warming party after work. Came kinda late but still came though! Hella chill for how many people were there met some cool new people. Played some guitar hero, ate at dennys after. Just got home from sky's/tako's shindig, saw alot of people that have missed me and I have been absent with for a while. Caught up with times, Night looked like it was going to end early, but tako saved it with his pad. Shit was pretty buck wild, alot of people were buzzin like shawayze! I'd like to say the girl to guy ratio was about even at tako's but most of them were AHEM. fat bishes Lol thanks hector for trying, but afterwards we had a Jb session and all of them knew me but I felt bad because I didn't remember half of them, since they claimed to hear good things about me in middle school/highschool. Don't you hate that feeling when a person knows you but you don't know them? I shoulda jumped in the pool with Karl! Uno pretty much made the night for me he gave me a nice light show I was hella trippin out. Nothing but laughs. Morning was pretty funny feeling, it was actually the afternoon when I woke up, Now off to Jason's to pick up some wheels, and maybe some JOgurt, and afterwards studying and pretty much stuff that you do at home.

Happy labor day weekend for those of you that don't work and are reading this.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

First Post Won't be my last I promise!

So I'm sitting here one afternoon, I'm waiting around for work since I'm covering a friend Jeremy since I figured he needed the day off for his birthday...BTW HAPPY birthday Jeremy I hope you don't waste a lovely day like this. I was going to go with Josh to pick up a 240 in northridge...but you know how that goes. I figured I'm not gonna have alot of time to post on here like everyday, but who does? I'm coming down from the monster I had yesterday and my left nostril is being funny it runs and then it stops. I haven't had a monster since high school, It looked refreshing at the hookah bar I was at last night which was called twilight in fullerton. Place was chill but hot inside should check it out sometime if you have nowhere else to go. Its like 12 bucks a bong, so grab some friends. I figured i'd make this post short and simple. SO ENJOI!

Note to self: I really need a camera for all you visual "experiencers" if thats a word? lol.

-Yours truely.