Saturday, August 30, 2008

First Post Won't be my last I promise!

So I'm sitting here one afternoon, I'm waiting around for work since I'm covering a friend Jeremy since I figured he needed the day off for his birthday...BTW HAPPY birthday Jeremy I hope you don't waste a lovely day like this. I was going to go with Josh to pick up a 240 in northridge...but you know how that goes. I figured I'm not gonna have alot of time to post on here like everyday, but who does? I'm coming down from the monster I had yesterday and my left nostril is being funny it runs and then it stops. I haven't had a monster since high school, It looked refreshing at the hookah bar I was at last night which was called twilight in fullerton. Place was chill but hot inside should check it out sometime if you have nowhere else to go. Its like 12 bucks a bong, so grab some friends. I figured i'd make this post short and simple. SO ENJOI!

Note to self: I really need a camera for all you visual "experiencers" if thats a word? lol.

-Yours truely.